Dr Kim Headset

The best Head Lamp in the World

& Customized Loupe

Ergonomic C-band (DKH-50)

Brightness (~100.000lux : DKH-50)

Semi-permanent life span of light source (LED)

Interchangeable light colour by Color Caps (White, Daylight, Warm)

Light weight (about 100gr)


Attachable Loupes

Two rechargeable batteries



Headset with 2 LED lights

LED illumination variable 0-100.000lux

LED operation continuity 2,5~12hours

Weight : 104gr

Affortable head lingth 160~210mm

The angle of illumination from horizntal to downward 0~41°

1 charger & 2 rechargeable batteries

Charging time about 2hours

Code : DKH-50



Magnification : 1,5x

Diopter lenses : 1,5 / 2,5 , 3,0

Working distance : 5~100cm

Working field size : max.  45cm

Weight : 16gr

Customized according IPD

Code : DKT-5



Magnification : 2,5x

Adaptable at the lens

Working distance : 25~50cm

Working field size : max.  15cm

Weight : 25gr

Customized according IPD

Code : DKT-3



Magnification : 4x

Adaptable at the lens

Working distance : 25~40cm

Working field size : max.  15cm

Weight : 35gr

Customized according IPD

Code : DKT-4


Headset (DKH-50) + Loupe (DKT-5)

normal price €1.090,-   now €995,-

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